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Funding is provided in part by the State Conservation Commission through appropriation from the Kansas Water Plan Fund.
All programs of the Morris County Conservation District are available without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap.

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The Morris County Conservation District  conducts a Continuous Sign-Up to accept requests for State Cost-Share assistance!

Anyone interested in receiving cost-share assistance from either the Water Resources Cost-Share Program (WRCSP) or the Non-Point Source Program (NPS) Program must sign up.
Black Sunday, April 14, 1935. Dust storm approaches Ulysses, KS.         (Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS)
What is the Soil Tunnel Trailer?
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For applications and pricing of Cow Carpet® click here.
The Morris County Conservation District is now selling Cow Carpet® Nonwoven Geotextile to be used in Heavy Use Protection Areas.
Dear Fellow Clean Water Neighbor:

We are preparing for our 75th Annual Meeting of the Morris County Conservation District.  The big event is scheduled to be held on January 31, 2015, east of Council Grove on Highway 56 at the Morris County Community Center.
We publish a “Conservation Edition” each year in the local Council Grove Republican newspaper.  We are asking you to please write an article about “Conservation” or “Water Quality”
as it relates to your profession for publication in this issue.
We will need your article turned in to us by January 9, 2015, so that we have time to arrange the special newspaper edition.  Please mail your article, bring to the office, or email me at the above address.  You may also submit any pictures or clip art you might have with your article, and I’m encouraging you to do so.  Thanks for your help, and you are more than welcome to attend the meeting and meal.  Tickets in advance are $3.00, and are available at local banks or the USDA Service Center office.  Serving of the meal will begin at 6:30 p.m. on January 31st.  Thanks again for your effort in making the public aware of Conservation and Water Quality.

Important News Release for Cost-Share for Morris County landowners
Posters – Grades 2-3
Camryn Frazier – 1st Place
Jayden Coover – 2nd Place
Felicity Smith – H.M.
Jessica Filkin – H.M.
Posters – Grades 4-6
Carissa Dalquest – 1st Place
Cameron Campuzano – H.M.
Chancy Johnson – H.M.
Delaney Rapp – 2nd Place
Jada Lee – H.M. – Not pictured
Posters – Grades 7-9
Jordyn Sanford – 2nd Place
Rachel Oltmanns – 1st Place
Tiffany Grover – H.M. – Not pictured
Hannah Stilwell – H.M. – Not pictured
Limericks – Grades 3-8
Jordyn Sanford – 1st Place
Trystan Barrett – 2nd Place
Karli Brott – H.M. – Not pictured

Photography – Students & Adults
Nancy Zirkel – H.M.
Treyser King – 3rd Place
Daleyna King – 1st Place
Brittley King – 2nd Place & H.M.
Coloring – Grade K
Haylie Grant – H.M.
Brooklynn Wangerin – 2nd Place
Ana Blackledge – 1st Place
Willow Hutchinson – H.M. – Not Pictured
Brooke Evans – H.M. – Not Pictured
Coloring – Grade 1
Ayden Rocha – 1st Place
Cameron Svitak – 2nd Place – Not Pictured
Cade Goodell – H.M. – Not Pictured
Adeiah Heffner – H.M. – Not Pictured
2013 KACD Certificate of Excellence
H.M. Essay
Kaitlynn Grimmett
6th Annual Conservation District
Educational Scholarship
Katy DeWeese Parents
Morris County Conservation District 74th Annual Meeting Minutes
January 25, 2014
The Morris County Conservation District held its 74thAnnual Meeting on January 25, 2014, at the Morris County Community Center located on the Morris County Fairgrounds.  Kim Sanford, Courtney Parker, and James and Rachel Jost were in charge of everyone signing the Conservation District register.  Pens, “Conservation Edition” newspapers, ballots, student and adult prize tickets, ice-scrapers, “For the Good of the People” – Fun Facts about Farmers & Ranchers booklets, coloring books, crayons, and press-n-stick calendars were given away at the door.  Gummy worms adorned the whole entryway with dig deeper soil decorations.  Tables were decorated with “Dig Deeper – Mysteries in the Soil” stewardship placemats, What on Earth is Soil and litanies, District program booklets, gummy worms, and purple mums in mason jars.

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