Morris County
Conservation District
Council Grove, KS
Your Conservation Partner Since 1941
Funding is provided in part by the State Conservation Commission through appropriation from the Kansas Water Plan Fund.
All programs of the Morris County Conservation District are available without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap.

All photos are the property of the Morris County Conservation District and are not to be reproduced without written permission from the Morris County Conservation District
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The Morris County Conservation District  conducts a Continuous Sign-Up to accept requests for State Cost-Share assistance!

Anyone interested in receiving cost-share assistance from either the Water Resources Cost-Share Program (WRCSP) or the Non-Point Source Program (NPS) Program must sign up.
Black Sunday, April 14, 1935. Dust storm approaches Ulysses, KS.         (Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS)
What is the Soil Tunnel Trailer?
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For applications and pricing of Cow Carpet® click here.
The Morris County Conservation District is now selling Cow Carpet® Nonwoven Geotextile to be used in Heavy Use Protection Areas.
Important News Release for Cost-Share for Morris County landownersGet Full Details
Morris County Conservation District Senior High School   SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
Posters – Grades 2-3
Asia Imholt – First Place - CGES
Athena Soria – Honorable Mention - CGES
LaiCee Scott – H.M. - CGES
Posters – Grades 4-6
Elle Dragone – Frist Place - CGES
Calla Unruh – Second Place - CGES
Marisol Flores – H.M. - CGES
Posters – Grades 10-12
Nathanel Reno – First Place – White City H.S.
Leana Smart – Second Place - WCHS
Katlin Tanner – H.M. - WCHS

Photography – Students & Adults
Brodey King – First Place - Youth

Coloring – Grade K
Keri Crisler – First Place - CGES
Riley Forge – Second Place - CGES
Kalynn Arb – H.M. - CGES
Reid Buttrey – H.M. - CGES
Riley Seadeek – H.M. - CGES
Coloring – Grade 1
Colton Lesslie – First Place - CGES
Hallie Frazier – Second Place - CGES
Mason Wilkens – H.M. - CGES
Koden Sanford – H.M. – White City Elementary School

Poster, Photography and Coloring Winners for 2015
Supervisor Cynthia Engle and Clifford Thornton, NRCS Assistant State Conservationist for Area 3 Field Operations
Pretty Good Crowd Even with
Snow Forecast
Brad Good – Pastor for Life Church of Council Grove – Invocation
Chairman Jim Parker
Jeff Davidson – K-State Watershed Specialist, “History of Kansas Through Songs, Facts & Pictures”
Courtney Park and Landon
Raffle Drawing”
Tim Biehler – Chairman of Nominating Committee
Conservation Award Winners for 2015
Windbreak Award Winners by Joseph Hecht – Herpich & Son Hereford with Nick Herpich and Daugher accepting.  Sponsored by Morris County Farm Bureau Association
Water Quality Award Winner by Joseph Hecht – Steve Nelson Family with James Jost accepting.  Sponsored by Flint Hills Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation
Grassland Award Winner by Alex Miller – Picolet Ranch.  Sponsored by Feyh Farm Seed Company
Twin Lakes WRAPS Water Quality Award Winner by Angela Anderson – Sanford Farms, LLC
Banker Award Winner by Lori Bammerlin – Deines Farms.  Sponsored by Central National Bank of White City
Student Awards Display
Presenters, Performers and People that Make It Happen for 2015
6th Annual Regional Envirothon to be held Here
Announcement that the Conservation Awards Program will again be held in this county was received today by the Morris County Conservation District. Read more...