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What is Envirothon???

Envirothon is an outdoor, natural resource education program for high school students that is organized and coordinated by Conservation Districts. The Kansas Envirothon Committee, a part of the KACD Conservation Youth and Education Committee, oversees the Envirothon activities in Kansas.
In the Envirothon competition, teams of five students work together to complete written tests in six natural resource areas; Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Aquatics/Ecology, Wildlife, Rangeland, and a Current Issue this year was NonPoint Source Pollution/Low Impact Development, which changes from year to year. An oral presentation related to the current issue topic is the final part of the competition. Envirothon events are held at three levels; regional, state, and the North American Envirothon for winning teams from U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
Conservation Districts work with local schools and youth organizations to help put teams together, and may provide materials and training for the students prior to the events. Districts are also encouraged to help with the teams’ expenses, which includes registration fees for the Regional and Kansas Envirothons.
The 2012 Envirothon competition in Kansas began at the Council Grove Reservoir Regional on
April 11th with 12 teams competing. Wakefield High School edged Mission Valley, 488 to 482 with White City coming in a distant third with 452 points. The following week, on April 18th, 33 teams participated in the regional at the Centralia Lake, and 3 teams attended the regional on April 19th at Southwestern College in Winfield. A station on Rangeland was added for the 2012 regionals.
One team from each school was eligible to advance to the Kansas Envirothon, and 20 teams were present for that event on May 9th. New for the state competition in 2012 was an oral presentation in which team members dealt with Non-Point Source Pollution and development issues in the Wildcat Creek watershed near Manhattan.
The 25th Canon Envirothon was held July 22-27 at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA. The Kansas team from Wakefield High School was one of 54 teams from across North America that participated. In addition to the competition, this experience gives students the opportunity to meet like minded peers from across the U.S. and Canada and to visit places of interest in the host state, such as the historic Gettysburg battlefield.

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2013 Envirothon Events
April 2, 2013—Regional Envirothon at Wilson Lake in Russell County.  Contact Pamela Hays at the Ellsworth Co. CD
April 17, 2013—Regional Envirothon at Centralia Lake in Nemaha County.  Contact Judy Adams at the Nemaha CD
April 17, 2013 – Regional Envirothon at SE Kansas at Lake Parsons Campground.  Contact Kelli Kramer at the Allen County CD
April 24, 2013—Regional Envirothon at Council Grove Reservoir in Morris Co.  Contact Jo Bea Titus-Hutchinson at the Morris County Conservation District
Additional regional events may be added—watch our website for details!
May 8, 2013—Kansas Envirothon at Webster Center, 2601 N. Ohio St., Salina.  Contact Roberta Spencer at the Jackson County Conservation District
August 4-9, 2013—North American Envirothon at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.

White City Envirothon Team competing at State on May 9th in Salina placing 11th out of 20 schools l to r
Mindy Stilwell, Ryan Fairbanks, Branden Paige, Trenton Blythe, Jace Beavers and sponsors, Mike Jarvis and
Angela Beavers – not pictured
White City Envirothon Team placed 3rd at Regional Competition held at Council Grove Reservoir on April 11, 2012
A thank you to Diana Jost, Morris County Commissioner, for welcoming team members to the Council Grove Regional Envirothon. 
As you can see by the coat, it was a chilly day.

Teams Competing: White City High; Iola High; Northern Heights – Teams A and B;
St. Xavier – Teams A and B; Riley County High – Teams A and B;
Wakefield High – Teams A and B; Mission Valley – Teams A and B

Knots in wood are caused by: 
a.Insect damage  b.  Branch development c.  Chemical storage  d.  Mechanical injury
Thad Rhodes – Kansas Forest Service was the Forestry Presenter at the Council Grove Envirothon.

Which species is on the threatened or endangered species list in Kansas?
a.Whooping Crane
b.River Otter
d.Swift Fox

Which of the following shorebirds is a gamebird in Kansas?
b.Greater Yellowlegs
c.Common Snipe
d.     Least Ter

Jeff Rue, KDW&P was the Wildlife Presenter at the Council Grove Regional Envirothon.

True or False :  Largemouth bass are a member of the sunfish family.
Pat Silovsky, KDW&P, and Paul Ingels – WRAPS are the Aquatics/Ecology presenters at the Council Grove Regional Envirothon competition.

What is the state soil of Kansas?
a.Cozad silt loam  b.  McCook silt loam  c.  Harney silt loam  d.  Hord silt loam
Donald Gastineau & Chad Remley, NRCS, were the Soils/Land Use Presenter at the County Grove Envirothon.

Kansas has how many different types of prairie? ______
Answer:  4
What type of prairie existed in the Hays, Kansas area?
a.Mixed grass         b.  Sand-sage           c.  Tall Grass
Doug Spencer,  NRCS Range Management Specialist,  Council Grove Regional Envirothon
True or False:  Boiling water contaminated with nitrates increases its concentration and potential health risk.
Travis Sieve, KDHE Environmental Scientist, Current Issue Presenter, Council Grove Envirothon
Jo Bea Titus-Hutchinson, District Manager, and  Chris McAfee, FSA CED, tallied the scores at the Council Grove Regional Envirothon.
Fort Riley Soldier’s served as buddies, set-up and cleaned up at the Council Grove  Regional Envirothon.
Noon lunch is being served to the Envirothon teams and presenters at the Council Grove Regional Envirothon.