Morris County
Conservation District 
Council Grove, KS
What is Envirothon???

Envirothon is an outdoor, natural resource education program for high school students that is organized and coordinated by Conservation Districts. The Kansas Envirothon Committee, a part of the KACD Conservation Youth and Education Committee, oversees the Envirothon activities in Kansas.
In the Envirothon competition, teams of five students work together to complete written tests in six natural resource areas; Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Aquatics/Ecology, Wildlife, Rangeland, and a Current Issue this year was NonPoint Source Pollution/Low Impact Development, which changes from year to year. An oral presentation related to the current issue topic is the final part of the competition. Envirothon events are held at three levels; regional, state, and the North American Envirothon for winning teams from U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
Conservation Districts work with local schools and youth organizations to help put teams together, and may provide materials and training for the students prior to the events. Districts are also encouraged to help with the teams’ expenses, which includes registration fees for the Regional and Kansas Envirothons.