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Morris County
Conservation District 
Council Grove, KS
Who Are We?
  *The Morris County Conservation District is a subdivision of state government, which is responsible for conserving renewable natural resources within its boundaries.  The District provides assistance to landowners and users through cooperation with Federal, State, and local agencies, along with business and civic organizations.
  *The District’s goal is to help people in the wise management of land and natural resources by offering technical assistance and information!
  *The Conservation District’s governing board is comprised of five local citizens who volunteer to represent land users in their district, and ensure a local voice in natural resource issues.
  *District activities include providing field assistance on such practices as terraces, waterways, diversions, ponds, range seeding, spring developments, buffers, solar pumps, solar panels,  plugging abandoned water wells, dry hydrant  installations, livestock waste system  improvements, soil testing, riparian and wetland development, and improving on-site household  wastewater systems!
  *Environmental education and information programs are also important activities for the Morris County Conservation District, along with a variety of other services.
  *The NRCS and Morris County Conservation District work together to provide quality service to county residents!
Mallory Lee, District Manager:
 email at mallory.burton@ks.nacdnet.net

​Anna Romme, NRCS Soil Technician
email at anna.romme@usda.gov

​Angela Anderson, Planning & Outreach Lead, Kansas Water Office
email at Angela.Anderson@kwo.ks.gov

Courtney B. Jackson, NRCS District Conservationist
email at Courtney.jackson@usda.gov

Mission Statement
Established on June 25, 1941, the Morris County Conservation District’s objective is to promote locally led conservation and to assist landowners and operators to apply conservation practices to the land with the technical assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  The Conservation District is a sub-division of the State of Kansas operated by a locally elected board of supervisors.  The Conservation District is available for assistance to anyone needing help solving his or her conservation needs.  The District Board meets the second Tuesday every month, and is closed on all federal holidays.