November 6 – Election Day  
November 12 – Veteran’s Day HOLIDAY  
Nov. 13-14 – Governor’s Water Conf., Manhattan  
November 13 – Morris County CD Board Mtg., 11:30, CG  
Nov. 18-20 – KACD Convention, Wichita  
November 22 – Thanksgiving Day HOLIDAY

December 7 - Posters/Limericks/Essays/Coloring Due
December 7 - DOC’s Cancellation of WR/NPS Uncom. Funds
December 18 – Morris County CD Board Meeting
December 21 – High School Scholarships Due
December 25 – Christmas Day HOLIDAY
December 31 – New Year’s Eve


Morris County
Conservation District 
Council Grove, KS
Funding is provided in part by the State Conservation Commission through appropriation from the Kansas Water Plan Fund.
All programs of the Morris County Conservation District are available without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap.

All photos are the property of the Morris County Conservation District and are not to be reproduced without written permission from the Morris County Conservation District